Custom Engraved State Sign

Custom Engraved State Sign

Introducing the latest addition to City Girl Paints - our custom engraved state signs! Choose your favorite state and city, and add up to 10 words showcasing what you love about them - whether it's your favorite local spots or simply the beauty of the area. Perfect for home decor or as a unique gift! Order yours today!

Approx 18"- All Wood

Please include the following details in the notes section:
- State (for outline)
- City
- Up to 10 words - these can be any words that hold significance for you such as your favorite places in your city, places you grew up, things that remind you of the city/state.

Please note that some names, like 'Hudson County Park', will be considered as one word on the board due to system configurations. Therefore, HudsonCountyPark will appear as a connected word on the board.

Thank you for choosing City Girl Paints and we look forward to creating a personalized sign for you!